Gotta Have Godelia

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Gotta Have Godelia by Philip S. Kampe

A package arrived at my door. I had to sign for it. I knew it contained alcohol.

But, what was inside the 12 pound box?  I opened the box, saw two bottles neatly packed. Next to the bottles was a handwritten note. Try these. Tell me what you think.

The challenge was on.

Eagerly, I picked up each bottle, Both had the word, GODELIA, on the label. One bottle had a red neck, the other had a green neck. I lifted both bottles to confirm that they were red and white styles of wine. They were.

Next, I started reading the labels to gather as much information that I could. The red was 100% Mencia and 14.5% alcohol. It was a 2012 vintage. The white was a 2015 blend of 80% Godello and 20% Dona Blanca, a grape I knew little about.

Then I studied the technical sheets and learned the vineyard, Bodegas Godelia, changed direction in 2009 when the town’s pharmacist, Vicente Garcia Vasquez, purchased the property, which consists of 86 acres plus 37 acres farmed under contract. The Bodega is in the small town of Cacabelos, in the heart of Spain’s Bierzo D.O.

The takeover and re-evaluation of the property is still in its infancy. The wines come from ancient schist-soiled land combined with clay slopes. Vineyards reach 2,300 feet. Many old vines prevail: Godello 20-40 years old
Dona Blanca 70-90 years old
Mencia 50-90 year old vines

All grapes are picked by hand in the rocky, high altitude slopes of Godelia’s property.

Winemaker Josep Serra Guyillen  and second in command, Silvia Marrao, run the operations.

Bierzo whites, like the 2015 blend, are mineral driven.

The 2012 red has really concentrated fruit, due to the age of the vines. Add a big dose of freshness and balance to the scenario and you have a top flight wine.

I have taken a true liking to these wines and urge you to sample or buy these under $20 bottles of wine for your short term consumption. To me, they are true VALUE Wines.

Philip S. Kampe

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