Domaine de Rieux

Domaine de Rieux is a part of Chateau du Tariquet estate well known for its superb Armagnacs. About 20 years ago, when sales of Armagnac became difficult, Yves Grassa experimented with the vinification of the Ugni Blanc grape as a table wine. With the assistance of Denis Dubourdieu in Bordeaux he developed the cold maceration method. The grapes are kept at a low temperature for some hours before being crushed and fermented. The results have become a major success story. Yves Grassa is now producing hundreds of thousands of bottles of an extremely fruity, refreshing dry white wine which is a delight when consumed during the first 18 months of its existence. Parker and other journalists have repeatedly stated that these wines are perhaps the best value available today.

All Domaine de Rieux wines can now be supplied with SCREWCAP closures for those who prefer.

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Domaine De Rieux
Domaine De Rieux, Yves Grassa, Cepage Sauvignon
Domaine De Rieux, Yves Grassa, Cepage Chardonnay


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