Domaine de la Roche Honneur

Stephane Mureau represents the 8th generation of his family to farm this 20 hectare Chinon estate. The approach here is fully organic, with official organic certification completed for vintage 2012. As well as a delicious rosé de saignée, 3 reds are made here : the fresh, spicy “Cuvée de Paques”, the elegant, mineral and floral “Rubis” and the rich, meaty “Diamant Prestige” from 50 to 80 year old vines. This domaine also benefits from some of the finest underground cellars in the region, which under Stephane’s initiative have been decorated with the carved sculptures of local artists.

Domaine De La Roche Honneur (Rosé)
Domaine De La Roche Honneur, Cuvée De Paques (Rouge)
Domaine De La Roche Honneur, Cuvee Rubis (Rouge)
Domaine De La Roche Honneur, Diamant Prestige (Rouge)


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