Ask a Spanish wine professional to name the leading and best Albariño, and chances are they’ll reply “Granbazan.” Top restaurants and wine shops all over Spain list the distinctive green and amber labels, which once seen – and tasted – are rarely forgotten! Surprisingly, these wines have had only sporadic export distribution, but this has changed, now that Granbazan has joined the Europvin portfolio of leading Spanish wineries.

Founded in 1981, Granbazan was the original quality pioneer in the region, the first estate to invest in modern winemaking equipment and trained enologists, the first to use clean, free run juice and cool fermentation to realize the world class potential of the Albariño grape. Today, Granbazan remains ahead of the chasing pack, with its privileged terroir of granite soils planted with mature vines close to the sea, and its continuing commitment to excellence.

“Etiqueta Verde” clearly demonstrates the quality of the estate, with precision, depth, and a fine balance of floral and mineral flavors. “Etiqueta Ambar,” 100% free run from the oldest vines, is the Granbazan signature wine, the most elegant and complete Albariño we have yet tasted…and we have been tasting a lot recently!

Brand & Winery Fact Sheet


Granbazan, Etiqueta Verde 
2017 Technical Sheet Bottle Image | Label Image

Granbazan, Etiqueta Ambar 
2017 Technical Sheet | Bottle Image | Label Image

Granbazan, Don Alvaro de Bazan
2015 Technical Sheet 

Granbazan, Limousin
2015 Technical Sheet


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