Maxime Graillot

Maxime Graillot is Alain’s son. Armed with a winemaking master’s degree, plus practical experience gained in Burgundy and South Africa, as well as with his father, Maxime has now established his own estate – the Domaine des Lises. The winery is located next to Alain’s, but Maxime has his own vineyards, and is developing his own style. He practices 100% destemming, hand pigeage, and malolactic in barrel, but otherwise intervenes as little as possible to allow the wine to develop richness and complexity during its 12 months in cask. When questioned, Maxime sums up his philosophy as “succinct”!

On the basis of the first couple of vintages – produced in admittedly small quantities – the Domaine des Lises Crozes shares the purity, spiciness and crunchy fruit character of his father’s wines, but with a slightly fuller and more opulent mouthfeel. They are immediate winners.

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2015 Maxime Graillot Equinoxe, Crozes Hermitage (Red)
Technical Sheet | Bottle Image | Label Image

2015 Maxime Graillot Domaine des Lises, Crozes Hermitage (Red)
Technical Sheet | Bottle Image | Label Image

2014 Maxime Graillot, Equis Cornas (Red)
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2014 Maxime Graillot, Equis Saint Joseph (Red)
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